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山形 Yamagata


 Yamagata Prefecture (山形県 Yamagata-ken) is located in the Tohoku region (東北地方 Tohoku-chihou) of Japan, and lies about 300km away from Tokyo.

 Yamagata is surrounded by mountains. The beauty of nature and traditional Japanese landscape still persist here.

 Agriculture is flourishing in Yamagata, where a variety of quality vegetables and fruit are grown.

 Our cherries are especially famous and popular in Japan.

 Rice fields are also abundant, along with excellent sake brewing companies.

 In winter, everything is covered with snow. Tourists continue to visit during the cold months in order to enjoy the snow and hot springs.

平清水焼 Hirashimizu-yaki

 Hirashimizu (平清水) is a small village nestled in a mountain valley east of Yamagata city which is the capital of Yamagata prefecture. The village lies at the base of Mt.Chitose, a beautiful cone-shaped mountain covered with ancient pine trees. Hirashimizu-yaki (平清水焼, Hirashimizu-ware), using locally-sourced clay and glaze materials, has been made since the end of the Edo period, approximately 150 years ago. The pottery produced at Hirashimizu has evolved over time reflecting changes in life-styles in Japan. During the Meiji period at the height of pottery-making in Hirashimizu there were 30 kilns producing a variety of ware including porcelain, stoneware, folk and tea ceremony ceramics.

青龍窯 ​About Us

 Seiryu-gama (青龍窯) was founded approximately 140 years ago at the beginning of the Meiji period.

Over several generations we have been producing a variety of ware using traditional methods and materials. Our most characteristic glaze is a buttery-white glaze called Zansetsu (残雪) which means “the remaining snow in early spring”. The glaze is applied over our local stoneware that is rich in iron. The long firing results in a complex, rich and slightly mottled surface. We believe that this subtle but sophisticated glaze mirrors the quiet beauty of the village and its surroundings. Our pottery is designed to fit comfortably in one’s hand and provide the user many years of satisfaction and aesthetic pleasure.

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Open: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Close: The 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month

Access: 50-1, Hirashimizu, Yamagata city, Yamagata 990-2401

 *15 min by car from Yamagata station

Tel: +81-23-631-2828 

Fax: +81-23-631-2829


 *Available in simple English.

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